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Madhudhara Honey And Nuts Cart

Nuts and Sweets are one of the most popular combinations when gifting during festivals or congratulating for life changing events. Keeping this combination in mind Madhudhara presents to you Madhudhara Honey Nuts Special.

Madhudhara Honey Nuts Special includes :

1) Madhudhara Lychee Raw Honey (350gm.)

2) Madhudhara Honey Gulkand with Kashmiri Kesar (350gm.)

3) Madhudhara Wild Honey and Nuts (320gm.)

Madhudhara Honey Nuts Special is a rare blend of sweetness with a crunch. Madhudhara Lychee Raw Honey is considered as one of the sweetest honeys and is very superior for the usage as it is used for beauty purpose and healing skin issues. Madhudhara Honey Gulkand with Kashmiri Kesar is a unique mixture of honey, gulkand and kesar. The last product of this package is Madhudhara Wild Honey and Nuts. This includes the wild honey from woods and nuts dipped in it to give it a crunchier texture.

Madhudhara Honey Nuts Special is highly recommended to be gifted during special occasions and parties as goodness and sweetness of honey and gulkand resembles the good wishes and nuts and kesar symbolises prosperity.

Madhudhara is wishing you prosperity and happiness for life with the richness of health and sweetness of honey!

Brand Pure Natural Honey
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