Madhudhara Farm was established in the year 2007.Farming and Animal Husbandry is our family business and we are in this field since last four generations.

It’s our hobby and area of interest to manufacturing pure food products like milk, buttermilk and other. We are very much proud and happy to sustain the tradition developed by our ancestors, to distribute free buttermilk.

Nowadays we distribute 200 to 300 litters of buttermilk daily. Under the guidance of Mr. Darshan Bhalara using traditional and modern concept for producing Gir cow ghee and with scientific and nonviolent technology for honey farming, Madhudhara Farm has started a new tradition since 2013 in the ample farmland of 174240 sq. yard (36 acres).

The specialty of Madhudhara Farm’s honey is that production of honey is based on the honeybees nectar, the sugary juice that collects in the heart of the different flowers. For producing different types of honey we migrate honey bees to places in India where there are flowers like Celery, Germplasm, Lychee, Kashmiri Acacia, Desi Acacia are in huge quantity.

Madhudhara Farms only aims for providing raw, organic and healthy Products to society and willing to distribute free buttermilk.

organic bee keeping methods