Raw Jamun Flowers Honey

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Raw Jamun Flowers Honey

"This Honey Collected From Jamun Flowers Nectars"

Raw Jamun Flowers Honey is a rare product of brand Madhudhara. This honey has its unique health benefits. This honey is collected from Jamun flower nectars. Jamun is a sweet and sour fruit.

Collected from the bees feeding on the nectar of Jamun blossoms, this unique dark colored honey is one of its kind. It's "not so sweet" taste is perfect for people who enjoy a balanced flavor. This Raw Jamun honey is one of the very few honeys that is compatible with diabetic patients as it's low glycemic index keeps blood sugar levels under control. In addition to that, this honey possesses countless health benefits like: blood purification, glowing skin, improved eyesight, improved digestion, weight loss, etc. It can also be used to treat common cold, cough & sore throat.

Jamun fruit is known for its usages in various age-old alternative healing systems of Ayurveda, Unani and other Chinese medicine, Jamun fruit has miraculous substances like jamboline and jambosine which slow down the release of sugar in the blood.

Honey Bee species: Apis mellifera

Honey Color: Maroon

Harvesting & Extraction period: March to May

Origin: Riverine regions of Maharashtra & Bihar

Brand Pure Natural Honey
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