Honey Gulkand With Dry Fruits

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Honey Gulkand With Dry Fruit

"The Processe of Producing Honey Gulkand With Dry Fruit is Natural "

Gulkand honey with dry fruit is the combo treasure of Madhudhara Farm which has three highly beneficial food ingredients mixed together naturally. These ingredients are : Gulkand made of Deshi rose petal, honey and dry fruits.
The process of producing Gulkand in Madhudhara is totally natural. No preservative, color, sugar or essence is used to produce Gulkand.
The petals of Deshi rose are used and in these petals we add Lichi honey of Madhudhara. We use 20% organic khadi sakar (Mishri) for melting. Mishri is a source of energy that refreshes dull mood. It boosts energy and it improves memory and eases mental fatigue. After this mixture, there starts the process sun-cooking over a period of 60 days. This process helps to impart rich, dense, floral flavour to the Gulkand.
Once the Gulkand is prepared after the process of 60 days, the premium quality dry fruits are added in the Gulkand. This Dry Fruit Gulkand is very tasty and it also naturally boosts health and beauty. This Gulkand can be eaten alone, with Ice Cream, Juice, etc.

Health Benefits:

·         Controls the acidity
·         Protects from Sun heat
·         It relaxes the stressed/over thinking mind
·         Boosts memory
·         Increases the beauty of skin
·         Strengthens the joints and muscles
.         Cleanses the lungs
Brand Pure Natural Honey
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