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Honey In Ayurveda

वातलम गुरु शीतं च रक्तपि त्तकफपहम |

संधतृ च्छेदनं रूक्षं क्षयं मधुरं मधु ||

Means that Madhu (honey) has sweetness, with added astringents as taste in the end. It is heavy, dry and cold. Its effects on doshas is it aggravates vata, scrapes kapha and normalises pitta and rakta. It helps promote the healing process in the body.

~ taken from an authenticated ayurveda source

India is a culture rich country and Ayurveda plays a major role in building parts of indian heritage. When it comes to health, Ayurveda focuses on 3 major doshas of th e body vata dosha, pitta dosha, kapha dosha. Raw honey benefits include the solution to all these doshas. Honey is the one and only natural sweetener which is heavy and cold yet provides the required warmth to the body. Raw honey can be paired with different food or medicines for health benefit as it plays a role of carrying the essentials of food/medicines to its required places in body Honey in Ayurveda is always given tremendous importance because of its property of healing. Honey in ayurveda in its purest form is called ‘madhu’. Calling ourselves madhudhara, we try to provide a varied stream of unprocessed, raw honey. According to ayurveda, the naturally pulled out flavours of honey can provide various health benefits like, ajwain honey helps with throat infections, lychee honey provides the skin advantages.

The mention of the benefits of honey is in all kinds of religious books and philosophies. For example its benefits for body and mind are mentioned in the Quran and Bible. Honey is one of the main components mentioned in Indian Vedas including ayurveda.

kashmiri kikar row honey

Home remedies of honey in ayurveda

1. Honey Hair Mask: Using a mixture of raw honey with other ayurvedic elements like cloves and garlic can prevent dandruff and dryness in the scalp.

2. Honey as health tonic: Mixing one tbsp of raw honey with lemon in lukewarm water and drinking in the morning can help reduce weight and boost health.

3. Honey for sore throat: Combination of Turmeric and honey is considered as a magic mixture. Mix one tsp of powder turmeric with one tbsp of honey and lick it thrice per day to avoid or cure any kind of throat issues.

4. Honey for toothache: Rubbing the mixture of 1 tbsp honey and 1 tsp cinnamon powder on the infected part of teeth can help relieve from toothache and helps stop the decaying of teeth.

5. Honey skin care: There are various ways and combinations to use honey to make your skin healthier. One of the very popular methods is applying the mixture of 1 tsp honey and a few drops of lemon on skin for a brightening glow.