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Madhudhara Terms and Services

We as a brand, a company, Madhudhara Farm, is committing you with a great quality, virtue, and mouth watering honey. With the legal confirmations of government law and rights we have proposed different types of terms, policies and rules for making business with us.

A user, when registers and buys a product from Madhudhara farm, commits that it agrees and is bound to the terms, policies and rules of Madhudhara Farm. These terms and Conditions apply to all the products and services being provided by Madhudhara Farm including the website, its components and all other third party relations.

Madhudhara Farm in no circumstances will be responsible for any sort of damage caused to the product by any third parties. We are not responsible for the loss of data or information due to less liable devices, misuse of the methods to share data, unknowingly sharing the data by you on our website or any other services. You can let us know about it and we can together figure out the solution to it. Madhudhara will not be able to record if a kid under the age 13 will be sharing the data instead of an adult because we do not go age specific, in that case you can contact us to withdraw or update the shared information.

Keywords used and its meaning in this terms and services :
  • End-User / You / Customers : These terms implies to who-so-ever is reading this and is a registered user of Madhudhara Farm.
  • Third-Party : Anyone who is not an end-user or a Madhudhara affiliate is called a third-party in association with Madhudhara Farm.
  • Madhudhara Farm : Whenever the words we, us, ours, company, or farm is mentioned it symbolizes the Madhudhara Farm or anybody who works at the company.
  • Devices : This keyword means any device that is being used which has an access to internet connection and is able to access the services provided by Madhudhara Farm.
  • Services : This term connects with any kind of products or services provided by Madhudhara Farm in any means or methods, through any platform. Eg: Honey, Madhudhara website, blogs, payment gateway etc
  • Personal Information : This term refers to any kind of sensitive or open data that is being shared to us by any means, It can include, images, numbers, words, credentials, email identifications etc
  • Cookies : It is a small set of data that is being stored by your system / devices (like browser) to recognise you next time you try to access the same page or website.
  • Agreement / Consent / Willingness : Your positive response over agreeing and accepting our terms, conditions, policies, and rules.
Disclaimer :

Madhudhara possesses the rights to make any sort of revision in terms of content, services and products at any time as per it is required. Madhudhara will not be responsible for any sort of situational, direct, indirect, peripheral damages, in case of the marred which is very less likely to ever happen, we do not hold any disputable arguments or we do not take responsibility of the terms and conditions of delivery partner. We only withhold the surety of replacement of your damaged product.

Madhudhara hereby clarifies that all the content and services it provides is just shown and meant as it is without any intended offensive implication. Madhudhara performs the distribution of third party content in form of various links and backlinks to information from a varied number of online platforms, thus it doesn’t hold rights to the content or information provided by those third parties. Madhudhara does not qualify any wrong information, or guarantees any proof to the meaning or precision of any kind of content, pictures, representations, stories, or services provided on any third party page you visit from Madhudhara Farm services. Madhudhara elucidates that it completely takes the responsibility for all the kind of information, content and representation conveyed through or in Madhudhara services in form of links, backlinks or redirections. The product availability, prices, and information is subject to the change without notice.

Agreement :

This terms and Conditions (including privacy policy, refund policy, return policy) is an agreement between you and Madhudhara, the affiliates of Madhudhara, the dealers and waivers of Madhudhara, the employees, workers, producers, marketers, and any registered associate of the the Madhudhara Farm and its liable dealing companies.

You as a user (an individual or a company) of Madhudhara products and services are strictly bound to willingly agree to the terms and conditions of madhudhara Farm and commit to perform any activities on the website and products keeping these policies, rules and terms in mind.

If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of Madhudhara Farm you are allowed to discontinue the use of our products and services by deleting your account. Under any circumstances if we found you (an individual or a company) violating our terms, conditions, policies or rules we are free to discontinue your services, delete your account and take away your access to your services and products without priorly sending a notice.

Backlinks and Third-Party Access :

You may find the backlinks of different kinds of websites or other services on Madhudhara website. Madhudhara does not check for the content of its accuracy of such services. Madhudhara Farm is not responsible for any kind of the terms or policies set by the third parties, we are not responsible for the type, format, representation of content or its correctness. Please know that Madhudhara’s privacy policy and terms are only limited to the systems and services of Madhudhara and are not applicable to any other links or websites(other than Madhudhara’s) that you visit from our services. The activities and interactions you perform on other websites or links that you visit from our services may have their own privacy policies and cookies to store your information.

Users Consent :

Madhudhara strives to provide complete transparency of all the systems and services to their users. We are always open to take feedback, reviews, suggestions and comments about our website or any kind of services provided by us. By using our website, registering and subscribing to our services, making payments and accessing our resources you are confirming that you are sharing your consent to us regarding the terms and services.

Updates in our Terms and Services :

We are free to discontinue any kind of services to any users without any prior notice. We are also free to make any kind of changes in any set of terms, rules and policies. Also when you choose to discontinue the use of the services of Madhudhara Farm you need not to inform us by any means.

Agreement to the Return and Refund policies :

Madhudhara Farm is grateful to you for choosing us when it comes to your health. Madhudhara guarantees to provide the quality and richness when it comes to honey. We have always made sure that each jar of our honey is total virtue and 100% safe to consume.

You as a user of Madhudhara Farm Products are responsible to go through the return and refund policy while making a purchase with us. With each product you buy there are terms and conditions associated with it. While making a transaction with Madhudhara, you are giving your consent to agree with the privacy policy, refund policy, return policy, and terms and services of Madhudhara Farm.

In case you experience any sort of dissatisfaction with the products that you buy from us you can contact us and let us know. We will try our best to help make the experience better for you and to improve with the products that we sell to make it a more user friendly experience.

Updates to our website :

Madhudhara Farm may every now and then make advancement in the functionalities where there can be an addition or deletion of certain features of the website to provide with the best possible services to the customers. You as a user of Madhudhara Farm agree that you do not have any objection with any updates provided and we do not withhold any duty to perform any modifications in the website on the basis of any information or suggestion accepted by you.

Madhudhara Farm secured the rights to update, modify or delete the website with or without any prior information.

Third party services and Access :

Madhudhara Farm websites may exhibit third party content like blogs, information, data and may have links to third party services or websites. You as a user of Madhudhara Farm agree that we do not hold any responsibility for any sort of third party content with the terms of their correctness, authority, accuracy, validity, quality, or their terms of services. Madhudhara Farm doesn’t comply with any editorial rights for any third party links or information that you visit from Madhudhara Farm website. Madhudhara Farm is associated with different kinds of third parties in order to provide you proper services.

Cookies :

Madhudhara Farm makes the use of cookies to understand the customer activities on the website. Cookies are the small pieces of data stored by the system. Cookies can be used to make the functionalities run smoothly but they are not absolutely compulsory. One can deny the use of cookies but meanwhile there will be few functionalities of the website that might not work properly like few pictures may not be available or there can be data sets which you might not be able to access because of declining the cookies. The user can disable the cookies from their web browser settings. As mentioned earlier the user may not be able to access certain types of the data if they disable the cookies.

Rights to Updates :

This terms and condition may always stay in effect till it is terminated by Madhudhara Farm. Any legal agreements, policies, terms and conditions of Madhudhara Farm will be in effect and will be applied to all authorities and authorised users till it will be fetched back by Madhudhara Farm. We also hold a reserved right to terminate, discontinue or update the legal documents of Madhudhara Farm with or without any prior notice.

Clarity of Content :

Madhudhara Farm reserves all the rights to make, create, change, update or delete any of the terms, information, content related to its services or products from any of their provided platforms. The data and content provided by Madhudhara on its website or by any other means is just respected to the way it is presented, said and meant. Madhudhara Farm doesn’t intend to imply any offense to anyone.

Continuing the preceding Madhudhara Farm also does not serve any sort of assurance that it’s services or products will be compatible to your system or devices, that it will meet your expectations, grant any asked results, will work without errors or will not have any errors in future.

Formal Agreement :

With this agreement you as a user of our services are agreeing to all the terms and conditions of Madhudhara Farm. Madhudhara is allowed to make changes in its services and terms as and when required by us to showcase our services in the right manner and support the system. We will notify you with the updates and you’ll be then responsible for reviewing the updates in terms and conditions before continuing with Madhudhara. After updates if you choose to continue with us you’ll have to stick to the new terms and conditions of ours. You can further delete your account if you choose not to continue with Madhudhara Farm.

Copyright Infringement Notice :

In case you find any copied material on our website and are associated with the copyright owner you can contact us and let us know about it with the details is the copied material, a signature of the copyright owner, your contact information (physical and online), your statement that you believe that the content is copied and that the information is authoritative and you hold the responsibility of the statement.

Your Feedbacks and its Privacy :

In case of you submitting us your ideas, posts, or suggestions regarding any type of ideas, information, proposals, product modifications or a new product idea, services, functionalities in technological aspects, or in any means you are known to understand that it will be served as non-confidential and non-exclusive. It will be the property of Madhudhara Farm and it implies to have no shared compensations or credits to whosoever have posted or suggested any ideas. Madhudhara will not be limited to creating, modifying their services on the basis of posts and ideas.

Rights of ownership :

The services provided by Madhudhara Farm in any means like website, products, content, information, images, representation, displays, visuals etc are in the ownership of Madhudhara Farm and comes under the registration in Indian and international trademark, copyright and legal property law. The data must not be copied, updated, modified, downloaded, shared in any sort as a block or whole without the prior written permission of Madhudhara Farm.

Arbitration :

By accessing the services and products of Madhudhara Farm you are agreeing to the terms of arbitration and dispute resolution with Madhudhara Farm. Dispute can be any means of activity, measures or disagreements between you and Madhudhara Farm regarding any of the services/products or policies and terms of ours.

In case of any major issues or concerns which needs to be resolved with legal manners, you or Madhudhara Farm will have to send the other one a notice of dispute before taking the matter for arbitration. Notice of dispute can be sent to Madhudhara Farm on and Madhudhara Farm will send you the notice of dispute on your mail address or your email address. You and Madhudhara Farm will need to solve any issue or dispute with negotiation and understanding within 60 days after sending the notice of dispute. After 60 days arbitration will be held.

Binding arbitration will be conducted in a try to resolve the unsolved dispute between you and Madhudhara Farm. You are now provided with the right to prosecute and settle the matter by carrying all the disputes in the judiciary. All sorts of legal fees, costs and rates the prevailing party faces shall be in the charge of the non-prevailing party and shall be paid by them.

Content Mistakes :

In the case of any typographical mistake on the prices or other information of any services or products of Madhudhara we withhold the right to refuse or cancel the order on that service or product. We can cancel or refuse the order whether or not it has already been established or credited from your bank account. If the amount has already been deducted by placing the order we will immediately make the credit of the deducted amount to your bank account or any other payment account.

Reports and Promotions :

Madhudhara may contain contests, quizzes, promotions and giveaways where everyone will be able to participate with their consent and willingness. These activities may have different set of rules each time according to the flow and requirements, where you might have to submit information concerning yourself. You will be responsible to read and understand all the terms and rules of these activities before participating to decide whether you are eligible and willing to participate or not. If you are interested and participating in any such activities by Madhudhara you confirm that you have understood the rules and you completely agree with it

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