Madhudhara Rich Corporate Gift Hamper|50gm. X 6pic.|


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Madhudhara Rich Corporate Gift Hamper

Madhudhara has always believed in quality and transparency. Committing and serving the products which make a huge difference to health is a big responsibility and sticking to it is totally a challenge. Madhudhara Rich Hamper is mainly made for people who like to experience a variety of different tastes.

Madhudhara Rich Hamper includes (Each 50gm.)

1) Desi Bawal Raw Honey

2) Eucalyptus Raw Honey

3) Lychee Raw Honey

4) Kashmiri Kikar Raw Honey

5) Karanj Raw Honey

6) Jamun Raw Honey

Madhudhara Rich Hamper is a power pack combination of a variety of special honeys. Madhudhara Desi Bawal Honey has healing properties for the body and has a very catchy taste Madhudhara Eucalyptus Raw Honey is recommended for daily use as it is not as sweet as other honeys and has a very tangy minty aftertaste. Madhudhara lychee Raw Honey is a nice garnishing component for your sweets and has beautification power. Madhudhara Kashmiri Kikar Raw Honey is very unique as it is only found from kikar trees in kashmir region, it is a transparent honey with its own set of benefits. Madhudhara Karanj Raw Honey is good for old aged people as it has a very smooth texture and has qualities to cure joint pain. Madhudhara Jamun Raw Honey is very popular among health conscious youth as it has fat reducing qualities and can be used on a daily basis.

Madhudhara Rich Hamper is one of the largest gift products of Madhudhara and is absolutely health focused.

Madhudhara is wishing you prosperity and happiness for life with the richness of health and sweetness of honey!

Brand Pure Natural Honey
Choose Weight 50 gm X 6 Pic