Madhudhara Wild Honey Cart |Corporate Gift Hamper|250gm X 4 Pic.|


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Madhudhara Wild Honey Cart

Staying close to nature has a tremendous amount of benefits like reduced anger, anxiousness, fear and feeling more calm and fresh. Staying in the wilds can be one of the most mesmerizing experiences. To pack this experience in a small box and make it available for everyone, We are launching Madhudhara Wild Cart.

Madhudhara Wild Cart includes :

1) Madhudhara Kutch Wild Honey

2) Madhudhara Gir Wild Honey

3) Madhudhara Narmada Wild Honey

4) Madhudhara Dang Wild Honey

The first product in Madhudhara Wild Cart is Madhudhara Kutch Wild Honey. It is collected from the wild trees from the hills of kutch. It is an ideal ailment for health issues. Madhudhara Gir Wild Honey has a rare quality to treat eye disorders, It is gathered from the forest of Gir. Madhudhara Narmada Wild Honey is a mixture of a lot of wild trees that grow at the banks of Narmada river and Madhudhara Dang Wild Honey is popular for how it can easily treat stomach issues like constipation and low appetite.

Madhudhara Wild Cart is especially brought to you for a rich experience of nature and its healing power. It can be the best gift for someone whom we want to wish good health and life without any illnesses.

Madhudhara is wishing you prosperity and happiness for life with the richness of health and sweetness of honey!


Brand Pure Natural Honey
Choose Weight 250 gm X 2 Pic