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Madhudhara Wild Honey Cart

"Nectar Of Gujarat Wild"
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Madhudhara Wild Honey Cart

Madhudhara Wild Cart is made for all those who love to stay connected with nature. This gift package exclusively includes the honeys from different wild forests and regions of India. This gift package includes Madhudhara Kutch Wild Honey, Madhudhara Gir Wild Honey, Madhudhara Narmada Wild Honey, and Madhudhara Dang Wild Honey. It can be THE BEST gift to give someone in a professional meet, can be also given on other special occasions.

The first product in Madhudhara Wild Cart is Madhudhara Kutch Wild Honey. It is collected from the wild trees from the hills of kutch. It is an ideal ailment for health issues. Madhudhara Gir Wild Honey has a rare quality to treat eye disorders, It is gathered from the forest of Gir. Madhudhara Narmada Wild Honey is a mixture of a lot of wild trees that grow at the banks of Narmada river and Madhudhara Dang Wild Honey is popular for how it can easily treat stomach issues like constipation and low appetite.

Madhudhara Wild Cart includes :(250gm. X 4Pic.)

1) Madhudhara Kutch Wild Honey (250gm.)

2) Madhudhara Gir Wild Honey (250gm.)

3) Madhudhara Narmada Wild Honey (250gm.)

4) Madhudhara Dang Wild Honey (250gm.)



Madhudhara Wild Honey Cart

Madhudhara Wild Honey Cart

Madhudhara packaging is very safe and secure, making sure the product reaches its owner without any breakage or defect. It's neat and unique. The hard-board package of Madhudhara is especially made for the safety of the glass bottles in it. No doubt that madhudhara is reliable and dependable when it comes to its quality of packaging.The efficient delivery of your package is done by the most trusted delivery partners of Madhudhara.


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