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Madhudhara Honey Nuts Cart

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Madhudhara Honey Nuts Cart

Madhudhara Honey Nuts Cart is a festive special gift. It includes Madhudhara Lychee Raw Honey, Madhudhara Honey Gulkand with Dryfruits, and Madhudhara Wild Honey and Nuts. It is a perfect combination of Honey, Dry fruits and Sweets. Madhudhara Honey and Nuts Cart can be perfect for a festival, a special occasion like diwali corporate gifts birthdays, weddings and baby showers and can be a perfect healthier replacement for sweets.

Madhudhara Honey Nuts Special is highly recommended to be gifted during special occasions and parties as goodness and sweetness of honey and gulkand resembles the good wishes and nuts and dryfruits symbolises prosperity.

Madhudhara Honey Nuts Special includes :

1) Madhudhara Lychee Raw Honey (300gm.)

2) Madhudhara Honey Gulkand with Kashmiri Kesar (300gm.)

3) Madhudhara Wild Honey and Nuts (300gm.)

4) Wooden Honey Sticks

5) Bee wax candle with lavender 

6) Luxurious gift box


Madhudhara Honey And Nuts Cart

Madhudhara Honey And Nuts Cart

Madhudhara packaging is very safe and secure, making sure the product reaches its owner without any breakage or defect. It's neat and unique. The hard-board package of Madhudhara is especially made for the safety of the glass bottles in it. No doubt that madhudhara is reliable and dependable when it comes to its quality of packaging.The efficient delivery of your package is done by the most trusted delivery partners of Madhudhara.


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