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Harvesting with the use of non-violent methods, directly from the hives and serving on your plate.


Hives To Your Home

“Collecting raw honey naturally with non-violent methods”

Collection and Extraction are 2 major parts to focus on while producing honey. And to provide raw and natural honey to society is the main motto of Madhudhara. Extracting the best pure honey requires it to be ripened in the honeycomb by the honeybees, so when collected no preservatives or flavours are added. It is served just as it is.

Madhudhara is not just a Bee farm but a heartwarming home for Bees. Madhudhara is expertisedin extracting honey without mistreating the bees. The properties of Madhudhara honey is solely based on the single-source flower nectar that the honey bee collects, like the raw ajwain honey collected from its flower nectar is blackish in color and it tastes like Ajwain, similarly raw lychee honey is from lychee flower nectar and i s yellow colored with a taste like lychee. Following the scientific method, We harvest the honey at night in the bright moonlight to avoid disturbing the bees or harming their eggs. There is a simple 3 step process we use to collect th e raw honey in its purest form.

Step 1 - Collecting a single origin pure honey.
Step 2 - Harvesting using centrifugal extraction method once it is ripened in the honeycomb
Step 3 - Filter with a muslin cloth.

As the honey ripes, it is collected and directly made available in the market without doing any further processes. Hence, Claiming that ‘Hives to Your Home’ is a real concept being used in Madhudhara to provide the best raw natural honey.

Madhudhara Farms across India

Nilgiri (Eucalyptus) Honey is a rare speciality in pure honey consisting of the properties like Nilgiri flower. It is collected from the Western ghats of Ganga and Yamuna in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh in the months from January to April. Raw Kashmiri Kikar honey is collected from the nectar of kikar plant w hich is found only in the virgin forests of Kashmir, Pulwama Region. It is a transparent honey with tremendous benefits to health, it is harvested in the months from April to July.Raw Sheesham (rose wood) honey is collected from the Amritsar region of Punjab with its properties favouring the flower of sheesham plant. Raw Lychee honey, popular for its skin benefits, is collected from Pathankot, Bihar from March to April with its properties like taste, smell and yellowish colour matching to its lychee flower. Madhudhara offers, As shown in the map,there are more such varieties of raw and natural honey like raw jamun honey, raw ajwain honey and fennel (Variyali) honey that Madhudhara offers,

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Visual Representation of Madhudhara Bee Hives

Visual Representation of Madhudhara Bee Hives

Visual Representation of Madhudhara Bee Hives

This video is to help the customers understand the exact process used by madhudhara to extract the honey they consume. Transparency is the key of a healthy consumer-seller relationship, this video will help our consumers recognize the properties and make the real use of the purity of honey that they consume.