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Madhudhara Kashmiri Cart-Corporate Gift Hamper

Kashmir, a place which is known for its varied heritage and the beauty of lush green mountains covered with cotton soft snow. Kashmir is famously known as “Paradise on earth”. Madhudhara Kashmiri Cart is a gift package specially dedicated to all the Madhudhara kashmir products.

Madhudhara Kashmiri Cart includes :

1) Madhudhara Kashmiri Kikar Honey (1 bottle of 330 grams)

2) Madhudhara Himalayan Wild Honey (1 bottle of 330 grams)

3) Kashmiri Mamra Almonds (1 bottle of 150 grams )

4) Pure Kashmri Kesar (1 bottle of 2 grams)

5) A silver scoop (99.9% fine silver of 14 grams approx.)

6) Madhudhara Bee-wax candle (10 Hr. Burning Time )

One of the very unique specialities of kashmir is their Kikar trees. Kashmiri kikar trees have a lot of health and cultural importance. Madhudhara harvests this special kikar honey from Kashmir and provides it to their consumers all over india. Along with it there is Himalayan Wild Honey which is beneficial for boosting immunity with antibacterial and antifungal properties. Kashmiri mamra almonds are rich with proteins, minerals and vitamins.

It is believed in hindu culture that saffron is used for beauty and good health. The theory of soaking saffron in water in a silver vessel before using it can boost its power to double is greatly popular. Hence, pure Kashmiri Kesar and a fine silver scoop are the key elements of Madhudhara Kashmiri Cart. Madhudhara Bee-Wax Candle is a beautiful gift for your loved ones who love this festival of lights and happiness.

Madhudhara is wishing you prosperity and happiness for life with the richness of health and sweetness of honey!

Brand Pure Natural Honey
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