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Madhudhara Privacy Policy

With this detailed privacy policy Madhudhara Farm promises you to dedicatedly look after your data and privacy. Through this policy we describe how your personal data will be collected, stored and used by Madhudhara Farm.

This Privacy Policy is relevant with all the platforms and services provided by Madhudhara Farm, which includes Madhudhara website, social media platforms and all other services. By registering and accessing the madhudhara services you indicate that you have read, understood and accepted on Madhudhara collecting, storing and using your personal information.

Keywords used and its meaning in this privacy policy :
  • End-User / You / Customers : These terms implies to who-so-ever is reading this and is a registered user of Madhudhara Farm.
  • Third-Party : Anyone who is not an end-user or a Madhudhara affiliate is called a third-party i9n association with Madhudhara Farm.
  • Madhudhara Farm : Whenever the words we, us, ours, company, or farm is mentioned it symbolizes the Madhudhara Farm or anybody who works at the company.
  • Devices : This keyword means any device that is being used which has an access to internet connection and is able to access the services provided by Madhudhara Farm.
  • Services : This term connects with any kind of products or services provided by Madhudhara Farm in any means or methods, through any platform. Eg: Honey, Madhudhara website, blogs, payment gateway etc
  • Personal Information : This term refers to any kind of sensitive or open data that is being shared to us by any means, It can include, images, numbers, words, credentials, email identifications etc
  • Cookies : It is a small set of data that is being stored by your system / devices (like browser) to recognise you next time you try to access the same page or website.

When does Madhudhara collect the information ?
The user information is collected by us when they visit our website or access any of our services like filling out login details, checking out with payment, subscribing/following to our blogs, writing reviews or feedback etc.

What kind of Information does Madhudhara collect ?
We collect the following information :
  • Name / Username
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Passwords
How is the personal information of users used by Madhudhara ?
All the kind of information collected by us will be used for the following purposes :
  • With the motive of better customer services.
  • To proceed with transactions.
  • To custom the user experience.
  • To modify the data and modules over our website.
  • To manage and operate forms, surveys, advancements.

How does Madhudhara receive end user data or personal information ?
We will collect only the information that is submitted to us by the end user through different means like registering on a website, filling out a survey or form, writing a feedback or review, through cookies or any other means where the user willingly agrees to share their personal information with us.

Does Madhudhara collect the end-user information from third-party ?
Yes, Madhudhara collects end-user information from third parties to provide the best services to customers.

When does Madhudhara use end-user information from third parties ?
We only use the information that is provided to us by the end-users. If the user has provided us with any of the social media accounts we may collect the information of the user that has been displayed in their accounts as and when required. To control or limit this data sharing through social media the user can anytime go and change their privacy settings from the respective social media websites.

Are any third parties having access to the user data of Madhudhara ?
The payment gateway of Madhudhara is being handled by PayUMoney. It is one of the most trusted and popular payment facilities provider companies. The end-user data that is collected while making the transaction may be in the system of the third party which is handling the payment gateway for Madhudhara. We do not take the responsibility for any kind of terms or policies mentioned in the PayUMoney company. We assure you that your personal data is completely safe with us and we are going to take utmost care of the sensitive data provided by you.

Does Madhudhara share information with third parties ?
There are various third parties that are involved with Madhudhara for providing different kinds of functionalities and services. Madhudhara uses third party support for hosting and maintaining servers for website, database storage management, for delivering the products and for payment gateways. We shall share these information with different third parties in order for them to be able to provide services smoothly. We shall also reveal the information provided to us to the government and officials for safety and privacy purposes of the company and the customer too to prevent unethical, illegal actions.

How does Madhudhara use the email address provided by the end users ?
When the user submits their email address to us they are agreeing that they have subscribed to the mail chain of Madhudhara and similarly they can unsubscribe to it as and when they want to discontinue the communication through emails. We do not share the user email address for any third party advertisement. We do not use your email addresses for sending any junk commercial or promotional advertisements. The user is completely independent to unsubscribe and discontinue the mail chain of Madhudhara whenever they wish to.

How does Madhudhara use the phone number provided by the end user ?
When the user submits their phone number to us we are going to use it to contact the customer to inform them about the status of their order, broadcast the Madhudhara products, news etc. We also use it for authentic customer verification through OTP.

How long does Madhudhara keep end users' information with them ?
The personal information of an end user is kept with us only till it is required for Madhudhara to perform business and to fulfill all the requirements by end users to access our services that are previously mentioned in the policy. When we won’t require your data and other personal information anymore we will remove the data from our systems and no longer identify you as an active user till you choose to resubmit your personal information.

How does Madhudhara protect the personal information of the users ?
We at Madhudhara use different kinds of security assistance to protect all the personal information provided to us by our users. We intend to use an absolutely secure server and supply all the sensitive data through the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certified servers and domains. We make sure that your data is only accessed by our authorized employee and is kept completely confidential. The payment details (credit/debit card details, UPIs etc) are never stored or saved by Madhudhara after you make a financial transaction with us as we use the third party PayU Money as a payment gateway for your transactions. We are bound to the security and safety of the personal information that is shared by a user and hence we choose not to share it with anybody across the internet. Nevertheless we cannot assure or commit with the out and out security of the data and other personal information that is being shared to us while accessing our services.

Could the personal information of users be transferred to other countries ?
Madhudhara is an India based company and so we are currently not dealing with any firms or organisations outside India, We do not share any type of personal information of any of our users outside the country. However our website and all other services can be viewed and accessed from anywhere around the globe.

Can the user update or correct their information provided to Madhudhara ?

Yes, the information provided by the end user can be updated or corrected anytime they want from the Profile tab at Madhudhara website. Along with this the user can anytime reach us out for further mentioned tasks :

  1. To make any kind of update or correction in their personal information.
  2. To delete any particular data that they do not wish to share with us.
  3. To restrict any kind of a communication channel that they do not wish to continue with anymore.
  4. To restart any kind of a communication channel that they wish to continue viewing from our side.
  5. To continue or discontinue any kind of services from us.

We send a verification OTP each time you give your phone number to Madhudhara to maintain the security and check the authentication of the user. We might as well remind you to change or update your profile and its credentials to make sure that your identity is verified and is accessed by you only. The user will be responsible for their credentials once they set them.

The employee or worker is allowed to contact us whenever they want to for changing, updating or deleting any kind of data or personal information that has been submitted to us. The employee can also contact us regarding any other issue such as recollecting their record, choosing a communication channel etc. These changes/updation of information won’t be affecting other databases that we manage of personal information.

Employee policy:
If you are an employee or worker at Madhudhara, it is to hereby confirm to you that we only save the data of yours that you have willingly submitted to us. We use this information for the record of employees and to provide the benefits and incentives whenever it is feasible.
The employee or worker is allowed to contact us whenever they want to for changing, updating or deleting any kind of data or personal information that has been submitted to us. The employee can also contact us regarding any other issue such as recollecting their record, choosing a communication channel etc. These changes/updation of information won’t be affecting other databases that we manage of personal information.

User’s Consent:
Madhudhara strives to provide complete transparency of all the systems and services to their users. We are always open to take feedback, reviews, suggestions and comments about our website or any kind of services provided by us. By using our website, registering and subscribing to our services, making payments and accessing our resources you are confirming that you are sharing your consent to us about privacy policy and its terms.

Backlinks policy:
You may find the links to other websites or web pages in our services. We hereby inform you that we are not responsible for the content, opinions, information and accuracy of those links (other than Madhudhara’s) which you visit from our platform as such other website links are not checked, monitored or investigated by us for any kind of content or opinions expressed there. Please know that Madhudhara’s privacy policy is only limited to the systems and services of Madhudhara and is not applicable to any other links or websites(other than Madhudhara’s) that you visit from our services. The activities and interactions you perform on other websites or links that you visit from our services may have their own privacy policies and cookies to store your information.

Cookies is a small set of data that is stored on the system that is used by the user, by the web browser. Cookies can be used to enhance the functionalities of the website. Madhudhara uses cookies to store data and improve the performance of the website for the customers. Nevertheless, if the user doesn’t accept the cookies then there might be some functionalities and features like videos and high resolution data that might not run properly and would require for the user to log in to be able to access such data. The user can disable the cookies from their web browser settings. As mentioned earlier the user may not be able to access certain types of the data if they disable the cookies.
If you delete or block a cookie you may not be able to save your data on your system’s browser, there is a high chance that you may lose the saved data like log-in ids, passwords, and other important credentials details when you delete or block cookies.

Payment details security:
Concerning the payment details of credit card/debit card or any other financial transaction details that has been provided to us by you, We assure you and commit that it has been stored with us in the most secure possible way.

Kids Privacy terms:
According to the government rules for kids privacy terms, We do not collect the data of anyone below the age 13. We only collect the information that is provided to us. Please do contact us if you find out that your kid below the age 13 has provided us any of the personal information through any means. We do not ask for the age while collecting the data so please let us know if there is any information submitted to us by any kid.

Updates in the Privacy Policy:
We as a company may have to make the changes to our privacy policy based on the changes made in our services and facilities. We would inform you through our services about the update in the privacy policy as and when it will be made for you to explore the policy. If by any chance you choose to disagree with the updated policy you may discontinue with the services and system of Madhudhara.

Google Analytics:
Google Analytics is a web analysing tool offered by google to help one track the activities and traffic on their website. Madhudhara uses this tool for the same purpose and it has no effect on any kind of the personal information stored by our platform, nor does it affect any kind of services provided by us.

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