Raw Kashmiri Kikar Flowers Honey

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"This Honey Collected From Kikar Flowers Nectars"

The most premium honey of Madhudhara brand is Raw Kashmiri Kikar Flowers Honey. We have our apiary in South Kashmir in areas of Tral and Pulawama to farm the honey.
The scientific name of Kikar is Acacia karoo. It is the small thorny tree mainly seen in Kashmir only. The growth in height of this thorny tree is of 7to 12 meter. This tree can be seen in cluster of 4 to 6 trees. It possesses White round head flowers and the tree is sweetly scented.
The honey collected from this tree is thick like water and transparent yellowish in colour. The honey collection season of this premium product is April to July. This honey needs to be gathered from the hills and the process of beekeeping is quite challenging. It’s the rarest and most premium honey of India offered by Madhudhara Farm.
Raw Kashmiri Kikar Flowers Honey boasts unique flavor, texture, colour, and spectrum of health benefits. This exquisite and exclusive honey is a lot tougher for beekeeping than most of the honeys you may find world over. We climb the cliffs of the Himalaya Mountains to harvest this most valued honey.

Health Benefits:

·      Very useful to sharpen the memory
·      Benefits children in many way
·      Blesses pregnant women with different benefits
·      Decreases loss of viscidity of the semen and premature ejaculation
·      Helpful antioxidant content
·      Full of several vitamins and minerals
·      Rich in Antioxidants
Brand Pure Natural Honey
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