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~ Madhudhara Farm

Madhudhara Farm is well known for its claim of providing 100% natural and unprocessed honey.

The Story of Madhudhara

“The motto of Madhudhara is to provide pure, raw honey”

Belonging to a farmer’s family Mr. Bhalara has grown up surrounded by the environment and has always had a soft corner for mother earth. He is an admirer of nature and hence quitting his well paying job and career he decided to devote his time to produce and harvest raw honey and started honey farming. He began with a small step of starting a honey farm in jamnagar district. He solely wanted to provide the raw, healthy honey to the world, and break the stereotype of processed honey consumption. Commonly, the farmers harvest unripened honey as it is more in quantity and is more profitable. But this honey contains moisture and needs to be given heat in order to ripen it. Meanwhile, this honey loses its properties of health benefits. Mr. Bhalara focuses on letting the honey ripe in the hives before extracting it with the non-violent methods, then simply just filtering the extracted honey with a muslin cloth and filling it in the glass bottles before selling it.

A Farmer's Promise

madhudhara bees

“Madhu” resembles the sweetness of honey but also indicates our promise of purity and “Dhara” resembles the inconsistent flow of honey and also our consistency of maintaining the quality of our product. Honey is called a superfood because of its exclusive properties of moderating the effects of Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. Consuming pure, raw honey helps with most of the health issues and helps boost the immunity. The intention behind Madhudhara is to bring modernization in the traditional ways of farming, to use the new and improved techniques for harvesting honey without disturbing their existence. Modernization in farming has worked with great miracles both for farmers and for nature. The origin of Madhudhara took place in 2007 in the form of an idea of building homes for bees and cultivating honey. The taste and flavour of our honey is solely dependen t on the nectar collected by the Bees.Th e motive of Madhudhara is to supply the purest and untreated form of honey to the world. And preach the concept of nonviolent honey harvesting methods. Madhudhara desires to provide the best quality natural honey to the society. I believe that non-violent methods are the only methods honey harvesting should be done in.