Raw Ajwain Flowers Honey

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Raw Ajwain (Bishop's Weed) Flowers Honey

"This Honey Collected From Ajwain Flowers Nectars"

Extracted from the Ajwain herbs during the blooming period, our beekeepers ensure you get the best quality honey. Ajwain as a herb itself is an ayurvedic miracle with multiple health benefits like antifungal, antioxidants, reduced acid reflux, lowered risk of heart & respiratory diseases, booting immunity, etc. Ajwain Flower Honey while harbouring the same benefits will also engage your taste buds with its heavenly honey sweetness. It can also be used to treat common cold, cough & sore throat.

Raw Ajwain Flowers Honey is a very unique product of Madhudhara Farm. This honey becomes very special in terms of Ayurveda as bees collect the honey from the flower nectars of Ajwain. Ajwain is an herb which has very strong aroma and so it is known as "Ugragandha" in Sanskrit.

Honey Bee species: Apis mellifera

Honey Color: Black

Harvesting & Extraction period: October to December

Origin: Riverine regions of Saurashtra Gujarat

Brand Pure Natural Honey
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    Very satisfied with the quality, It's natural and pure Honey,
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    good products
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