Pure Gir Cow Ghee

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Pure Gir Cow Ghee

"Processed By Indian Traditional Gauras System"

The research already suggested that A1protein is not good for the health while A2 Protein benefits human health. Where do we find A2 Protein the most? It’s found in abundance from the Milk of all Desi breed of cows and among them Gir cow is considered the source of A2 protein content of 98%. It is also proven that the milk of Gir Cows is most healthy and it is full of A2 protein.
A1 protein is considered as the major cause of diseases like diabetes, cardio related issues and other health issues. Therefore, we must consume A2 protein milk and milk products which is found in Gir Desi cows. It can be the vital tool of better health and wellness of human body and mind.
Gir cow Ghee is called “Rasayana” in Ayurveda Gir cow and her products are also precious because of hump of this cow. The hump of Gir cow has veins known as “Surya Ketu Nadi”. This vein absorbs energy from sun rays, moon and cosmos.
Ghee of Madhudhara Farm is a true jewel as 100% organic and natural process of our ancient Vedic Gauras system is applied to produce it. It’s made from Pure Grass fed Gir cows, churned with Vedic bilona churned, prepared on the natural fire heating of the butter which is made from curd. It’s 100% farm fresh and pure product of Madhudhara Farm. 1 liter of Ghee is made out of 30 liters of Gir Cow milk.

Health Benefits:

·         Aids fat loss and boosts immunity

·         slows down the aging process

·         makes your voice soft and clear

·         helps in treating broken bones

·         beneficial in treating insomnia

·         decreases bad cholesterol in the body 

·         promotes healthy eyes and happy skin 

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