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Is honey actually healthy?

February 04, 2023
Is honey actually healthy?

Honey is a sweet fluid created by honeybees from blooming plant nectar. A well-known fact isn’t it? A better well known fact is that honey is healthy as hell. Well, let’s dig in deep to know why exactly is honey healthy? Before that, bear with us while we give all the other non- honey users a bit just on honey!

Honey is a sweet and viscous liquid produced by a variety of bees, the most well-known of which are honey bees. Honey is produced and stored to feed bee colonies. Bees make honey by collecting and purifying the sugary secretions of plants or the secretions of other insects, such as aphid honeydew.

Did you know: While the ancient Egyptians were the first to grasp large-scale honey production, they were not the first to capitalise on the hard labour of honeybees. This honour belongs to the ancient Spaniards, who were raiding beehives over 5,000 years before the Egyptians slathered their corpses in honey.

Honey is primarily sugar, but it also includes amino acids, iron, zinc, and loads of antioxidants. Honey is utilised as an anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial agent in addition to being a natural sweetener. Honey is often used topically to treat burns and enhance wound healing as well as orally to cure coughs. Listed below are the reasons why it’s universally believed that HONEY IS HEALTHY!

1. Easy add to your diet

Honey is super easy to incorporate into your diet. Honey can easily be used as an alternative to sugar. Finding your coffee too bitter? Add honey! Guilty of having way too much cake? Add honey and call it healthy. Don’t you worry we’ll keep a secret.

2. Cures burns and wounds

Since ancient Egypt, topical honey treatments have been used to cure burns and wounds. The custom is still widespread today. Diabetes-related foot ulcers, a dangerous condition that can result in amputation, can be effectively treated with honey. One study found that using honey as a wound therapy had a 43.3% success rate in treating diabetic foot ulcers. Honey's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are what give it its therapeutic properties. Furthermore, it could aid in the treatment of various skin issues.

3. Putting a stop to gastroenteritis

There is evidence that suggests honey may treat disorders of the digestive system, such as diarrhoea brought on by gastroenteritis. Honey can also be useful in the treatment of oral rehydration.

4. Cardiovascular disease

The antioxidants in honey may lower the risk of heart disease.

5. Inflammation

Antioxidants found in honey can help the body fight inflammation. Numerous health problems, including cancer, autoimmune diseases, and heart disease, can be brought on by inflammation.


With all the above reasons, we conclude that honey is super healthy. What are you waiting for? Visit our website and start your healthy lifestyle with madhudhara.

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