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Is the honey that undergoes crystallization in cold temperatures an impure form of honey?

Myths And Facts About Honey

By Madhudhara Bloger

November 29, 2021

Is the honey that undergoes crystallization in cold temperatures an impure form of honey?

Science says that pure honey or raw honey does undergo crystallization in cold temperatures which means when the temperatures go below 10 degrees Celsius. It is absolutely normal for pure unadulterated raw honey to crystallize; contrary to the popular belief that honey that undergoes crystallization is impure or there are some artificial ingredients present in that honey. In fact, honey that does not crystallize has additives that prevent honey from undergoing granulation or crystallization. All raw or purest forms of honey even when it is present in the beehive, will crystallize when subjected to colder temperatures. Raw and natural Blackberry (Jamun) flowers honey might be an exception as it resists crystallization.


How to prevent the crystallization of honey?

To prevent the crystallization of honey, you need to store honey at room temperature, provided that the room temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius. If the room temperature is colder, you need to store the honey at temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius

How to turn crystallized honey back into a smooth-flowing liquid form?

It is very easy to bring back the crystallized honey to its natural flowing form. Just take the needed quantity of crystallized honey in a suitable container. Put this container in a bowl of warm water and let it warm up slowly. Microwaving might overheat the honey and it also does not heat the honey evenly. This is not a recommended way to bring back the solidified honey to its fluid form as it might adversely affect the goodness of health present in the honey.

Do’s and Don’ts while warming the crystallized honey:

  • Avoid warming the whole container of honey. Warm only the quantity which is needed for immediate use. This is because heating and cooling the honey multiple times leads to loss of aroma and the honey will lose its nutrient value. The natural honey will take the form of a sweet sludge or goop if heated multiple times.
  • Always use glass and not plastic to store or warm the honey. This is to preventthe lossof aroma, taste, goodness, and colour of the honey. 
  • Buy your honey from beekeepers who takes all the care to retain the natural goodness of honey while taking care of the bees.

Madhudhara Farm is one such farming of raw, natural and pure honey in India. They harvest a variety of pure natural raw honey like Eucalyptus flower honey, Lychee flower honey, Kashmiri kikar flowers honey, Shisham (Rosewood) flowers honey, Fennel (Variyali) flowers honey, Blackberry (Jamun) flowers honey, Karanja flowers honey, Desi Baval honey, and Ajwain (Bishop seeds) honey. The properties of Madhudhara honey are based on the single-source flower nectar that the honey bee collects. Madhudhara, one ofthe purest raw honey brands in India is extracted without destroying the eggs of honey bees or without mistreating the bees. The honey is harvested at night in the bright moonlight to avoid disturbing the bees or harming their eggs.

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