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Gulkand a traditional ancient delicacy

April 12, 2022
honey gulkand with dryfruits

This summer have “ Gulkand ka dose har roz “ because gulkand a day keeps heat away. 

Gulkand is a mixture of desi gulab and raw organic khadi shakar. It is just so much cooler in nature than anything.yes, the soft drinks promise you “freshness”, “cooling” and energy but it is not. A mind gets attracted to what he sees.the world is full of soft drinks which promises you “cool and calm body” but the truth is bitter. Soft drinks actually heat ups the body. So, say bye bye to those bottles and include gulkand to your diet.soft drinks were introduced in 1970's but gulkand have a history of almost 900 BC. so, let's checkout what this ancient delicacy is capable of doing 

You can buy the unique and delicate honey gulkand from madhudhara here-

My summer friend gulkand because its solution to every problem

  • If you are a person who always has sugar cravings after any meal then eat a tablespoon of gulkand after your meal. 
  • Summer is the season where we face almost every digestive problem, bloating, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome and much more. Just mix one tablespoon of gulkand in cold milk at bed time. This tastes so heavenly and and ensures calming good night sleep (just like prince or princes),freedom from indigestion and bloating 
  • Summer just ruin the glow of skin but not any more because 1 tablespoon of gulkand evevryday and get back the lost glow on your skin 
  • A woman can understand the pain of period and spotting before period is again a next level disaster but a tablespoon of gulkand in water gives you all lovely ladies freedom from spotting.gulkand is the true soulmate of a woman. 
  • Summer drains energy without our marzi.but don't worry take a paan and add a tablespoon of gulkand. Wrap it nicely and done. “Get back the lost energy and lost spirit because gulkand is an elite” 
  • Have a tablespoon of gulkand before you go out and summer won't give you trouble. 
  • Gulkand takes care of acidity as well.

There are 3 things that need your attention.

  1. The majority of companies use white sugar for making gulkand and this is not an ideal thing.White sugar has lots of chemicals and has many harmful effects on our body.
  2. The other problem is preservatives and chemicals used to preserve gulkand. Ideally gulkanddoesn't require artificial preservatives because sugar acts as natural preservative here.
  3. The ancient method of making gulkand is sun cooking .. The simplest reason is that suncooking doubles the nutrition of food. We make our papad and chips in the sun and preserve itover the years. So sun cooking was our ancestors' method . This method is just lost with the timeand for more profit, almost all the companies just heat the rose petals on a gas stove and this isn'tbeneficial for us.

So, the question remains unanswered: where to get an authentic , ancient sun cooked , and trustworthygulkand?

“A gulkand from madhudhara, hai sabko pyara because ye banta hai sun cooking, khadi sakhar, Raw Lychee Honey, and desi gulab dher saara.”

You can buy the soul satisfying Lychee honey from madhudhara here

honey gulkand

Why should we trust madhudhara?

  • The desi gulab from madhura are self-farmed. All the roses are grown without using any chemicals.
  • As the name “madhudhara '' adds a lot of sweetness and to achieve that sweetness they use two suprising elements. First one is raw organic khadi sakhar which is so cool in nature. We all have that childhood memory where when our nose is bleeding , our mother used to give us a piece of khadi sakhar. Khadi shakar boosts our energy. so,Madhudhara knows the roots of our food culture. The other ingredient is raw lychee honey . Your grandmother will tell you raw honey builds immunity against seasonal infections.
  • The mixture of desi gulab +organic sakkhar+Lychee honey is kept under the sun for 60 days in a glass jar. Now the sun will take care of everything.
  • When the job of sun is done, premium quality dry fruits (cashew and nuts) are added. So your kids can enjoy it
  • The whole process is transparent, chemical free, preservative free and genuine.
  • The packing of madhudhara honey gulkand is done in a glass bottle. They don't use plastic bottles.this ultimately reduces carbon footprint.

So feel cool this summer with the help of madhudhara honey gulkand and live life hapily .

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