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Health benefits of pure organic honey

February 15, 2022
Health benefits of pure organic honey

The best honey is the one that is not processed in any way. The goodness of bioactive compounds like antioxidants is kept intact when honey is harvested and packed in its pure form. The darker the colour of honey, the more antioxidant content it has. Madhudhara is the best honey in India. It can also be called as world best honey as the goodness of honey is kept intact by harvesting and packing honey at the source without any processing. Let’s now see how organic honey is beneficial for our health; mainly owing to its antioxidant action:

1. Immune system booster

Honey is rich in methylglyoxal which not just boosts our energy levels but also stimulates the cytokines which help in boosting the immunity of our body. The combined effect of being a powerful antioxidant and a cytokine stimulator helps the body fight infections in the most effective manner.

2. Helps in healing cough and cold

Honey soothes the mucus membranes in our airways and helps prevent the build-up of mucus helping to maintain the bronchial tubes in good shape. Taking honey also soothes our throat and helps to relieve the coughing.

3. Helps control and treat infections

Enriched with antibacterial properties;honey works as a shield against various kinds of infections.

4. Cholesterol management

It has been seen that consuming pure organic honey has beneficial effects on body cholesterol. Good cholesterol or HDL is seen to increase with regular consumption of pure honey. Some studies also confirm that bad cholesterol or LDL levels decrease with honey. Thus, honey helps you control cholesterol naturally.

5. Ideal sweetener for diabetics

It has been seen that honey has no negative impact on blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Moreover, fasting serum glucose level reduces with regular consumption of honey in diabetics. Therefore, honey may be used as a natural sweetener in diabetics.Make sure that you consult your doctor before deciding on consuming honey if you are a diabetic.

6. Helps reduce body weight

Replace your sugar with honey and see how the natural sugars in honey reduce your sugar consumption and help in your weight loss journey. Not only will honey reduce your sugar cravings but also make you feel energetic, leading to increasing your exercise capacity. This way, you can exercise more and lose weight naturally.

7. Fights gastric problems

The antioxidant and antibacterial properties of honey help in eliminating or reducing stomach problems that are caused due to harmful bacteria. Taken with warm water, the honey gives better results.

8. Prevents nausea

Add lemon juice to honey and experience relief from morning sickness and nausea. Vomiting might also be prevented by consuming honey like this.

9. Helpssleep well

Getting good sleep has positive effects on the health of the body. Consuming a tablespoon full of pure raw honey can help you sleep better. This is another way in which honey helps you maintain good health.

10. Eliminating dandruff

Honey has remarkable effects in treating dandruff when applied on the scalp. This can be owing to its antimicrobial effects. Take raw honey and mix it withan equal quantity of water.Massage this mixture on the scalp and also apply it to the hair. Within a few weeks, you will get relief from dandruff.

11. Effects on skin

Glowing, healthy skin can be achieved by applying honey to the skin. Acne scars are lightened and ultimately removed by applying honey to the affected areas. The nutrients in pure honey help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and also reduce fine lines on skin.

Best Honey In India

Madhudhara, which qualifies to be the best honey in India has the potential to offer all the above benefits.

Raw Kashmiri Kikar Flowers Honey, best honey in india,

Raw Kashmiri Kikar Flowers Honey

Raw Kashmiri Kikar Honey is one of the rarest and most popular honeys available in Madhudhara Farm. It has a very tangy aftertaste and is translucent in colour with a warm tint. It is very pure and is considered the best for regular use. It has very unique health benefits like, anti-aging properties, low risk of obesity, sharpening the memory etc.


Raw Shisham (Rosewood) Flowers Honey

Shisham, popularly known as rosewood, is considered for a good quality of wood. Raw Shisham Honey is collected by bees in the form of nectar from shisham trees and has a very delicious sweet taste which can go with any recipe as a substitute for sugar. Shisham honey provides a lot of health benefits like, curing dermatoses, healing ulcers, curing fever. It is considered as the best to heal any sort of skin problem and it gives you glowing skin.

Raw Shisham (Rosewood) Flowers Honey, buy raw honey online

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